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We can all be better at telling our sponsors, our neighbors, and our collaborators why there is much, much more to be accomplished.

Amy and Roger bring their experience and skills together to help scientists understand how to be better communicators.  Amy is the communication expert, and extrovert, while Roger is the introvert scientist.  Together they are working to bring the best ideas, methods, and examples for championing science.

Who we are

Amy at 25 Lusk

AMY DAMIANAKES – Founder and CEO Damianakes Communications

Explaining T1 multiplexers to prospects and the press launched Amy Damianakes’ technical communications career.  Over the past 30 years she has helped scientists and technologists communicate breakthrough ideas on topics ranging from remote network management to wireless location algorithms and the complexities of stock plan administration. Hundreds of technical experts tell more compelling stories and get their audiences to listen and take action thanks to Amy’s counsel.

Amy is an accomplished speechwriter, media spokesperson and presenter. Her passion for finding the right words has successfully positioned products, companies and their leaders. She got her start teaching presentations skills in 1978 when she was selected to co-teach public speaking at Santa Barbara City College.

Early in her career Amy managed marketing and technical communications for T1 multiplexer manufacturer, Coastcom. Her knowledge of voice and data networking led to her next role managing public relations for PacTel Spectrum Services. She spent the following 11 years serving as corporate spokesperson for Baby Bell Pacific Telesis Group and leading communications for wireless spin-off AirTouch Communications. Since 1999 Amy has been CEO of Damianakes Communications, a boutique consulting firm that provides strategic communications counsel to start-ups and global giants.

Amy received her BA in Communications Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is a certified Human Capital Strategist through the Human Capital Institute.

Roger Headshot Green

DR. ROGER AINES – Senior Scientist and Geochemist

Roger Aines develops climate and energy technologies, working for 30 years in the US national laboratory system. He has delivered and endured countless scientific presentations – recognizing the value of effective communication.  Applying his principles for championing science, Roger has helped dozens of funders, collaborators and peers to support his work.  He regularly coaches colleagues in the art of presentation preparation and delivery.

Since 1984 Roger’s work has spanned nuclear waste disposal, environmental remediation, applying stochastic methods to inversion and data fusion, managing carbon emissions and sequestration monitoring and verification methods. Roger received research funding from the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency, a number of corporations and private foundations to address future climate challenges.  He received one of the early round of ARPA-E grants to study carbon dioxide capture.

Roger takes an integrated view of the energy, climate, and environmental aspects of carbon-based fuel production and use. His current focus is on efficient ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and safer methods for producing environmentally clean fuel. He holds 12 patents and has authored more than 100  publications.

Roger holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Carleton College, and Doctor of Philosophy in geochemistry from the California Institute of Technology.