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What Do Venture Capitalists Need to Hear from Scientists? A Conversation with Nancy Floyd, the Founder of Nth Power

“When scientists approach us for funding, it’s best to start by telling us what problem are you solving.  Don’t start with the technology. Start with the problem first.  It’s really important… There will be plenty of time during due diligence to […]

Getting to Yes in Biotech: Bill Young on Honing Your Message to Advance Science and Win Investor Support

“Most scientists seem to follow a basic tenant of science that goes something like this – “Since I went through years of hard work and hell to figure this out, I’m going to take you through the whole thing and […]

Good Presentations Equal Good Proposals

Why should a good proposal presentation be so closely linked with a fundamentally good proposal? I recently sat through a review of research proposals, and there was a pretty close correlation between good presentations and good scores from the committee. […]

Why Can’t Scientists Communicate Outside Our Field? Because We Are Trained That Way.

My colleagues understand me just fine – why do other people have trouble? If we want to learn to communicate effectively, it is probably a good idea to understand why scientists find it hard to talk to the public and […]

Collaborators Trump Secrets – Why You Should Share Your Ideas

At a recent Department of Energy meeting lunch – the usual eight strangers around hotel rubber chicken – the conversation was brisk about new types of environmental and energy technology.  After a great discussion of a carbon capture demonstration of […]

Influencing Decision Makers: What Does it Take?

“Decision makers will want to know, “Why am I talking to you? What information do I need to know? Am I going to need to make a decision? What action do I take?”  The action might be to book a committee […]

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Dr. Richard Friedman: Champion of Heart Health

  The Problem of Statistics vs Individuals – Conveying the Impact of Detailed Information in Simple Messages One of science’s great challenges is to meet the multiple demands of the accuracy of statistics, and the visceral grip of an individual […]

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The Five Slides You Need

Every scientist has had the experience of needing a small number of viewgraphs for a short time slot.  Faced with the forty or fifty viewgraphs we have already prepared which describe the topic in sufficient detail to satisfy any expert, […]

The Championing Science Tenets

We believe that these nine principles can help every scientist communicate ideas to change the world. 1) Be passionate. Palpable enthusiasm is contagious. It will carry people along for the great ride of science.  Sharing what inspires you about your […]

Steve Bohlen on Talking Science to Decision Makers: Explain Its Value to Society

“I always discuss science in terms of the value to society. There always has to be value. It’s never about THE science.  The science is lovely to only the people who find it beautiful, but it is valuable to people […]

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