Communicate to Succeed

Communicate to Succeed

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Have a clear message.  Engage listeners. Build Rapport. Be Understood.  
Sound confident yet humble. Get decision makers to say yes.

Amy Aines can teach you how!

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“I had the attitude that communication didn’t deserve the level of consideration and thoughtfulness that it does. Amy has transformed the way I frame and present information.”

M. Dailey – RECS Alumni – PhD Engineering Student

I deliver keynote talks and create customized learning programs. Along with becoming better presenters, participants gain skills for collaborating on diverse project teams, building trusted relationships, engaging with the public, serving as mentors, interviewing for jobs, and influencing decision makers.

My motivation to teach is fueled by the belief that now more than ever, our world needs experts who can collaborate productively, shape policy, share knowledge, and engage the public as trusted information sources. Many universities and government agencies need a partner to help fill the communication skills knowledge gap with cognitive science and science communication research-based approaches. That’s what I do.

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Amy Aines tailors workshops and seminars to meet learning goals







Build skills for collaborating on cross-discipline project teams, establishing trust, public engagement, mentoring, interviewing for jobs, and influencing decision makers.

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How to Show Up, Speak Up and Get Your Ideas Heard

How to Show Up, Speak Up and Get Your Ideas Heard

You may be surprised to find that what you say matters less than how you say it.  More than 250 attendees at the annual scholarship luncheon for the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women's Association learned what it takes to create a strong, engaging presence and how...

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