Unspoken Ways Interviewers Evaluate Job Seekers – Insights to Help You Ace Your Next Interview

Interviewers care about more than just your skills.  If you want to ace the interview, do your homework so you can be  explicit about three key things.  

1- You have thoroughly researched the company
2- Your values align with the company culture
3- The job will inspire you to do your best work  



It’s a job you really want.  Next week you have five interviews. You’re scheduled to give a seminar, too. Now you can’t stop thinking about how to answer all the likely questions and present yourself in the best light. What can you do to ace the interview?

A man raising a glass to say congratulations for landing a new job.

Smart communication strategies will help you ace the interview and land the job!

Along with highlighting your relevant skills and experience, during interviews you can stand out by revealing your motivations, values and mindsets. Most candidates don’t realize how much that matters to decision makers. So be sure to tailor your answers to make it obvious that:

You Have Thoroughly Researched the Company  

Interviewers notice. They look to see if you have done more than peruse their website to find their vision and mission. Dig deep. Read the news feeds, press releases – including the quarterly earnings release for public companies, Glassdoor (for culture insights) and LinkedIn postings. Find specific things that resonate and deeply connect you to the work you want to do for this organization. Now you can give a richer answer to the question – Why do you want to work here? Plus you can use your research to ask more thoughtful questions –the kind most candidates don’t ask..

You Fit the Company Culture  

The best companies to work for are committed to building a workplace culture where everyone thrives. Hiring managers want to know if you are someone who will help preserve that magic and gel with the team. That’s why you need to help them see your interpersonal communication skills and how your personal values and past behaviors align with the company culture.

For example, GSK lists integrity, respect for people, transparency and the delivery of products that are patient-focused as its core values. Demonstrating transparency, they provide a detailed overview of their interview process and guidance to help prospective employees understand what to expect.

Ask yourself: When in the past have you demonstrated that you live by the behavioral mindsets that matter at the company? Recall specific situations and examples that provide proof. Tell stories (stories are compelling and memorable) to illustrate your point. Just claiming that you are respectful or have high integrity won’t suffice.

The Job Will Inspire You To Do Your Best Work  

While talking about how your skills match the job requirements, don’t neglect to underscore why you enjoy using these skills. What excites you about machine learning or the mapping program you mastered for your dissertation?

Emotions are contagious. Sharing what you love about applying the skills required to succeed in the job, signals to the hiring committee that you’ll be motivated to excel. That means you are likely to stay longer and make a more meaningful contribution. You’ll score points by giving the company confidence that they’ll see a return on their acquisition and training investment to hire you.

After your intense day of interviews, the committee will huddle and compare notes on you and their other candidates. Ultimately, people hire people. Organizations want to hire people who will ‘fit’ and the interview is your opportunity to show up as that ideal candidate. That means every point you make, every detail you choose to share, needs to be chosen carefully to send one clear message “I really am the person you’ve been waiting for!”


If you are actively job interviewing and looking for ways to show up as the ideal candidate, reach me at amy@championingscience.com for more tips on how to land your next job!