Amy Aines is passionate about helping scientists and engineers launch and build successful careers. How to interview, give great presentations, be understood, collaborate effectively, and handle important conversations is what her students learn.

“Amy Aines was instrumental in launching a workshop series for our early career science community – the Professional Advancement Workshop Series. Her presentations were thoughtfully designed to highlight diverse career options for scientists, the value of science skills, and communication methods for effective interviewing.  Her engaging approach and practical activities helped participants advance their ability to pursue a variety of career paths. Given the highly competitive job market in academia and the need for science and research expertise beyond academia, her workshops are exactly what our field and our sector need right now.”

Shawn Domagal-Goldman
Branch Head, Planetary Systems Lab, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Workshop Topics

  • How to Build Rapport and Connection When You Meet New People
  • Seven Ways to be a More Confident, Compelling and Engaging Speaker
  • How Do You Handle It When … Communication Skills for Situations that Matter
  • Getting to Yes: How to Successfully Communicate Your Ideas
  • Championing Science – Skills that Get Results
  • How to Interview Like a PRO – Communication Strategies to Land the Job

And more…

Columbia Workshop
September 10, 2021

Workshops Enable Student Success

From landing that job to earning respect and building vital career skills, Amy’s communication programs deliver results.  Here are some student success stories.

Winning a Fellowship

Rory Jacobson applied Championing Science principles he learned during the workshop to convey the importance of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and win a fellowship with John Kerry’s global climate initiative.

Giving a More Engaging Talk

I received really positive feedback, including: “your presentation was the only one I paid attention to for more than five minutes.” I actually enjoyed speaking, which is rare, and feel much more motivated to present in the future. I really learned a lot from you and, most of all, felt like I gleaned some useful pointers for storytelling techniques that I was itching to add but didn’t feel confident trying before now.”  

Paris Edwards
Northwest Climate Hub
ORISE Fellow

Delivering an Award Winning Presentation

I was nervous about giving my first oral presentation at our local conference, the Phi Sigma Biological Honors Society Research Symposium. My practice talk with my advisors didn’t go very well. Luckily, I attended Amy’s workshop the next day and that made a huge difference. Applying what I learned, I re-organized my talk to make sure that I emphasized the most important points. I worked on my posture, composure, pacing, and vocal emphasis. I also changed several of my visuals and refined the explanation of my figures and data for clarity. All my work and practice paid off! I was one of three speakers to win a travel award, based on the presentation.”

Rosario Marroquin-Flores
PhD Candidate, Illinois State University
Founder PubNavigator

Become a Strategic Communicator

“I had the attitude that communication didn’t deserve the level of consideration and thoughtfulness that it does. Amy has transformed the way I frame and present information.”

M. Dailey – RECS Alumni – PhD Engineering Student

Selected for the Graduate Research Summit

Srishti Baid attended a workshop that was part of a Championing Science book club funded by Research America. Afterwards she reached out for help on her abstract and poster to explain her research to Kansas legislators and government officials.

She was one of eight students selected to present at this special event.

Transforming a Research Talk

Parisa Asadi wanted her second conference talk to showcase her research in a clear, compelling and engaging way to set her apart from typical science talks.  Here’s a glimpse of what she learned in the 12-week skill-building program.

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